The fifa world cup essay

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The fifa world cup essay

The hosts of these events were also developing countries in Latin America due to the long football tradition on the continent Appendix 1. In order to promote football FIFA decided to designate other developing countries as the host of these sport events Bohlmann and Heerden, South Africa is the largest economy on the African continent.

The World Cup was regarded as a great opportunity for economic development. The cost-benefit analysis of the World Cup prepared in by a consultancy firm, Grant Thornton was optimistic and assumed significant profits for South Africa in various areas such as massive national incomes, higher investments and employment as well as the development of tourism.

Indeed the World Cup had a large economic impact on South Africa. However, it is highly questionable whether its effects were as strong and beneficial as it was estimated. While the event contributed to the dynamic development of the infrastructure within a country, it had relatively low influence on overall economic growth and employment stability.

Additionally, it was associated with high costs which clearly overcame incomes. The following essay is an in-depth analysis of the effects of the World Cup on South African economy that aims to examine how profitable this sport event was for the country. First the essay focuses on the methodology used in the following research.

Second, the essay considers the concept of mega events and their impact on economic growth as a theoretical framework of the analysis of the The fifa world cup essay African case. Finally, the essay critically analyses the effects of such a mega event in reference to South African economy by applying various quantifiable measures, in particular economic growth rate; expenditures and incomes; an increase in investments; employment rate and an increase in number of tourists.

Research methodology The following research is based on the positivist philosophy paradigm. This paradigm assumes that the world is objective and can be explained with logical analysis.

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The research should be focused on analysing facts and causalities; simplifying the phenomena as well as on testing framed hypothesis. In the frameworks of the positivist paradigm, the following research tends to focus quantitative data, which is objective and accurate.

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Thesis: Bringing the Fifa Soccer World Cup … | 8 Pages Mexico faced Sweden and Germany faced South Korea at the same time in the matches that would decide which teams would progress to the next round.
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Further data reliability and validity are high, as the information is collected from both South African and international sources Easterby-Smith, The research method applied in the following research is a literature review. A literature review is commonly used non-empirical research method.

It has a number of various purposes. According to Bless major aims of a literature review are to deepen the theoretical basis of the research; to acquaint the researcher with the recent studies in the area of research as well as to identify the weaknesses in previous works.

The fifa world cup essay

Further, a literature review intends to analyse connections, contradictions and other relations between the results of various researches as well as to identify variables that need to be considered in the research work. In turn, Leedy postulated that a literature review should not focus only on identifying and analysing all available information about a research topic.

A main purpose of such a review should be to have an in-depth insight into a research topic and to gain a detailed understanding of the problem Kummar, In the context of the following project, a literature review had two main goals. First, the review aims to establish theoretical frameworks of the World Cups.

Hence, it considers the concept of mega-events and its relevance to the South African World Cup.

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There is a number of scholars that conducted research on the economic consequences of the sport mega-events for the host country by analysing the previous cases of FIFA World Cups and the Olympic Games.

The review includes both South African academic publications i. Bohlmann, ; South African governmental documents i. Magubu and Mohamed, as well as international academic works i.

In order to achieve this goal the estimated costs and benefits of such a mega-event in South Africa, prepared by Grant Thornton have been compared with actual economic performance of South Africa. In order to provide reliable and valid data, the international databases i.

The fifa world cup essay

World Bank Database have been used. Further, to understand variations between estimated and actual figures, the review includes various South African governmental papers i. Magubu and Mohamed, ; academic research works i. Marrs, and online sources i.

The concept of mega-events in the literature The sport and leisure industry has experienced a strong and dynamic development since the s. It was largely caused by the evolution of media technology.


As the public demand for live transmission of sport events increased, television networks became willing to pay growing amounts of money in order to gain the rights to broadcast these large sport events.

The development of this industry has led to the dynamic growth of other sectors, most remarkably tourism and construction sector. Hence, the economic impact of sporting mega-events on the host countries became of keen interest for the academic scholars and policy makers Bohlmann, The first comprehensive studies on the economic influence of hosting a mega-event were conducted in and focused on the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

The research was undertaken after Montreal which held the Olympic Games in declared that this sport event caused a significant national financial deficit.Informative Speech The World Cup Thesis: The World Cup is the biggest sport event in the world and has a huge impact on society.

Introduction: How many of you guys recognize this trophy? This is the biggest award in the soccer world. Qatar World Cup in Essay Words | 3 Pages. FIFA World Cup is the second tournament of the World Cup football and be hosted by the State of Qatar.

On December FIFA announced that Qatar host World Cup This essay aims to present five major advantages of the football mega-event and will, contrary to popular belief, support the FIFA committee´s decision by highlighting the benefits of a change to the football calendar, the region´s potential, the possible development of human rights, the expected atmosphere and, finally, Qatar´s financial power.

The World Cup is the cosmic event that helps the majority of Americans realize that soccer exists as a professional sport.

The tournament is put on by FIFA every 4 years. Over the span of a month, 32 national teams compete in 64 matches to win the claim and title of the best soccer team in the world.

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A Cup of Imagination Essay. A Cup of Imagination Coffee is one of the world’s greatest luxuries. People from all over the Earth revel in the warmth and taste, opening their wallets continually to earn themselves a cup.

- A Developing Nation After the World Cup I. Introduction The FIFA World Cup is the largest and most popular sporting event in the world, accumulating over one billion television viewers worldwide.

This event takes place every four years in a host country selected by the FIFA Executive Board Committee.

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