Part three clapping champ essay

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Part three clapping champ essay

The consolidation of the military 3The intrusion of the military into Nigerian politics was generally felt to be a welcome intervention in the eyes of the populace.

The military had projected itself as a corrective group and was perceived so by the general populace; its role was theoretically to take over, rectify the situation, and then return to the barracks. With time, the military lost whatever positive image people had of it; it began to be seen more as an army of occupation than a corrective institution.

In fact, the military not only acquired the reputation of being as corrupt as the politicians, but also came to be perceived as politically incompetent, having no mind of its own.

Nowhere was this image better epitomized than in the lyrics of the song, Zombie, by Fela Anikulapo Kuti. First, it pursued a programme of raising the educational standing of soldiers by setting up the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies NIPSS in Kuru and raising the Nigerian Defence Academy to the status of a university Part three clapping champ essay supplement the Jaji school for top-ranking military officers.

Second, the military drastically reduced the chances for negotiation with civilian society. Thus, in today's Nigeria, it is not uncommon to see, within the military ranks, experts in various civil disciplines.

There are competent military personnel presiding over tribunals, and one military man is famous as an expert in religious affairs. For, just as Maradona, the Argentine soccer wizard, was known to have often dribbled himself out of difficult situations in the field of soccer, Babangida had a way of successfully dribbling himself out of difficult political situations.

See The Guardian, January 24,p. It results mainly in people settling their differences not by dialogue but by violence, and the victors imposing their will on others by force. With time these attitudes created the situation in which the victims of militarism become politically conscientized to change, through whatever means, the cause of their victimization.

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The perception that government policies are discriminatory against Christians 7Besides a number of government policies which have been discussed in the previous chapter, there are some other outstanding ones which obviously have contributed to the politicization of CAN.

First are the restrictions which the government placed on Christian evangelism without, in CAN's opinion, placing similar restrictions on Islam.

Part three clapping champ essay

Our schools and colleges have been taken over by government and yet we see schools and colleges established under the umbrella of another religion [that is, Islam] being sponsored and entirely financed and administered by government; we have been denied access to the use of the electronic media in certain parts of the country and yet another religion has the monopoly of rendering a nearhours religious broadcast in the same areas; some States have deliberately refused to accept and recognize the growing population of Christians in the States, thus depriving the Christians not only of their rights, but also questioning their claim to being indigenes of such states as claim to be religiously homogeneous.

These restrictions also include the bureaucratic difficulties Christians experience before they can get land to build churches in the North.

The following account by the Anglican Bishop of Kaduna, the Rt. Ogbonyomi, is typical of such experiences.

On the 5th of Marchhe applied for land to erect a church for the Protestant community at the Government Girls Secondary School, Kawo, Kaduna, formerly owned by his Diocese.

This information was provided in the course of an interview that took place in Sokoto on 15th Feb The night before, Christians alleged, the state government cancelled the event despite the fact that they had satisfied all the requirements and had received permission.

The official reason given for the cancellation was that the Muslims had threatened bloodshed and destruction of property if the launching was allowed. As reasonable as this explanation may sound, perhaps the real reason for the cancellation was the intervention of the Sultan who used to be the Secretary-General of the JNI, the anti-Christian Muslim organization.

In the words of CAN's leaders: CAN Northern Zone, op. We have latterly been treated to a spate of provocative pronouncements and statements… [and] some of them border on threatening the security of this country… We are yet to hear someone in authority calling the author of the statements to order in view of the inciting, provocative, contemptuous, and destabilising implications contained in them.

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