Internship programme

The PASA Internship Programme is aimed at unemployed black graduates wishing to gain entry into the book publishing industry. It includes a practical workplace experiential learning component and a theoretical learning component which will be integrated to provide interns with a solid foundation of skills for employment in the book publishing industry.

Internship programme

Excerpted from Building a Premier Internship Program: Internship programme Practical Guide for Employers NACE university relations and relations members receive a complimentary copy of this resource as part of their welcome kit.

Provide interns with real work assignments. Interns should be doing work related to their major, that is challenging, that is recognized by the organization as valuable, and that fills the entire work term.

The best practices presented here assume the organization's goal is to convert interns to full-time hires and is therefore paying its interns. Unpaid internships present a number of problems for organizations focused on intern conversion, not the least of which is legal issues that arise if the unpaid intern is given real work assignments.

Hold orientations for all involved. Make this happen by holding an orientation session for managers and mentors as well as a session for students.

Orientations ensure that everyone starts with the same expectations and role definitions.

Internship programme

This is time well spent—the effort you put into these sessions will pay off throughout the program. A separate intern website serves many of the purposes of the handbook, but has the advantage of being easy to change.

You can use your website as a communication tool, with announcements from the college relations staff or even articles of interest written by the interns themselves.

Provide housing and relocation assistance. For those relocating to the job site, the prospect of finding affordable, short-term housing can be daunting. Easy availability of affordable housing will Internship programme your opportunity more attractive to students, broadening your pool of candidates.

This will eliminate any perceptions of unequal treatment. In addition, be aware that employer-paid or employer-subsidized housing is considered a taxable benefit. Check with your internal tax department on exceptions to this.

You will also want to consider the issue of relocation, which is separate although related to housing. Pairing a scholarship with your internship is a great way to recruit for your internship program—and this is especially true if you are having difficulty attracting a particular type of student or student with a specific skill set to your program.

Attaching a scholarship can increase your pool of candidates with the desired qualifications. Students mention flex-time as one of their most-desired features in a job. A flexible time schedule during their internship eases their transition to the workplace. If you think about how students spend the day on campus varied schedule each day, with varied activities such as work, class, social timeyou can understand that 8 a.

Monday through Friday is a bit of an adjustment for them. A flexible schedule can make them feel less chained in by an unchanging routine.

The Industry Skills Development & Training PASA/FP&M SETA Internship Programme is the implementation of a black empowerment internship programme for graduates. Internship opportunities vary depending on education level and/or location. We offer internship roles in the following areas including but not limited to: Engineering (Software Engineer, Program Manager, Product Planning, Programmer Writer, Technical Writer, Services Engineering). Recruitment procedures, job vacancies, pay and benefits, young professionals programme (YPP) and internships., The OECD Internship Programme has been designed to bring highly qualified and motivated students with diverse backgrounds into the Organisation to work on projects linked to the Strategic Orientations of the .

Other work arrangements that have been found successful with students include keeping them on as part-time, remote employees after they go back to school depending on the type of work they do for you and whether they have a willing managerand having them come back and work over school breaks for a couple of weeks.

These are excellent ways to keep communications open and build a stronger bond. Have an intern manager. Having a dedicated manager for your intern program is the best way to ensure that it runs smoothly and stays focused on your criteria for success.

They can sponsor social or professional development events, and help to orient the interns to your company culture. In my experience, college team members served as cooks at intern picnics, hosts at speaker events, and drivers for social outings such as ball games.

Invite career center staff and faculty to visit interns on site. Although some programs—especially those that are very structured on the university side—make visits by career center staff and faculty a regular practice, most do not.

In general, career center staff and faculty members have relatively few opportunities to visit employer work sites to see firsthand the types of experiences that their students are getting. By inviting them to your site, you will build a better working relationship with these groups, which can lead to more student referrals, enhanced campus visibility, and increased flexibility on their parts when your business needs dictate it.

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New-hire panels are one of the best ways to showcase an organization to interns as a great place to work. These are panels of five or six people who were hired as new grads within the last three years. They act as panelists in a meeting of interns, giving a brief summary of their background and then answering questions from the intern audience.

Your interns get insight about your organization from your new hires—people who they perceive are like themselves and who they consequently view as credible sources of information. Why did you choose this employer over others?

What was your first year like?

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How is being a full-time employee here different from being an intern?The MPIL internship programme offers the opportunity to get acquainted with research and academic legal skills in the major fields of comparative public, European, and international law to a limited number of highly motivated .

If you are planning to embark on a career in the field of education, science, or culture, then an internship at UNESCO will be ideal for you.

The UNESCO Internship Programme offers you practical work in one of UNESCO’s priority areas. DEA annual internship intake availability status The internship intakes for the /19 Internship Programme have been closed. No applications will be taken until the opening of the internship intakes for / Graduate Development Programme BE PART OF THE NATIONAL TREASURY MAKE THE YEAR FOR SERIOUS CAREER DECISIONS The National Treasury is committed to youth and skills development in South Africa.

The ARC Internship Programme offers new graduates 12 months of working experience in a research and development, technology transfer, support and commercial internship are offered by ARC in collaboration with AgriSeta, Saasta, DST, NRF and DAFF. Internships are offered throughout the ARC, across the .

Pakistan Vision aims to channelize and streamline the energies of Pakistan’s large youth population and realize their immense economic potential. A large set of Pakistani youth is dissatisfied, frustrated and in a state of disarray due to low education levels and large scale unemployment.

This has led to serious social problems.

15 Best Practices for Internship Programs