Essay about truth alone triumphs

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Essay about truth alone triumphs

Essay about truth alone triumphs

I took ideas from online information, of course! There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Truth generates a force from it, a powerful force which cannot be overlooked!

Nelson Mandela also followed truth and promoted equality. He faced adversities but succeeded in ending apartheid in South Africa. While it is true that we see many people climbing up the ladder of success through dishonest means, it is equally true that at the end such success is only short lived.

When one is not truthful and honest, he may be getting richer and prosperous but the conscious keeps on pricking him.

There is a lurking fear at every moment, an uneasiness, and a feeling that something wrong may happen. We have recently seen the case of the Harvard student and young author Kaavya Vishwanathan who was accused of plagiarism.

Essay about truth alone triumphs

It goes on to prove that it is ultimately the truth that would fetch you rewards. When a person is truthful, not only is he admired but he also commands respect from everyone around him.

A truthful man is absolutely free from worries and anxieties. He has a calm mind! However, truth must be spoken with good intent.

Parents have to lie about Santa Claus or Easter Bunny! If a patient is struggling against an incurable disease, words of encouragement and hope may strengthen his willpower and increase his chances of survival. This would be better then truthfully repeating the medical verdict!

Gist is, we need to be sincere and have good intentions as well!

Let our vision be your peace of mind!

Our thoughts should agree with our words, and our words should agree with our actions. We can tell the truth and seek forgiveness.Jun 18,  · Truth Alone Triumphs – An essay This is an essay which won me the second prize in an open essay competition, where I was amongst the ones representing my school in ‘Primary’ group.

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Jun 18,  · This is an essay which won me the second prize in an open essay competition, where I was amongst the ones representing my school in 'Primary' group.


I took ideas from online information, of course!:) TRUTH ALONE TRIUMPHS Truth is justice, fair play, adherence to the fundamental laws of ethics. Forming an integral part. Truth alone Triumphs Here is a famous Sanskrit saying to which I'd like to add my perspective. Sanskrit Verse: "Satyam eva Jayate" Meaning: Truth alone Triumphs.

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