Epson papers

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Epson papers

EPSON recommends using the optional Roll Paper Holder C to load roll paper into the printer; Epson papers, it is possible to cut the roll paper to the appropriate size and load each sheet into the printer's sheet feeder individually. Whether you are printing using the optional Roll Paper Holder or are printing on cut roll paper, keep the following in mind when printing on this media.

Load the paper printable side up. Use flat, undamaged paper. If the paper is curled, flatten it before loading to avoid paper feeding problems. Always handle paper by the edges. Be sure to provide ample space in front of the printer. Make sure that the output tray is down, and the output tray extension is closed.

Check that the end of the paper is cut cleanly, perpendicular to the long axis of the paper.

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If it is cut on a diagonal or not cleanly, the paper may not feed smoothly or the print may extend off the edge of the paper.

Preparing the roll of Photo Paper Before printing, always prepare the paper as described below. Check that the end of the roll is cut perpendicularly to the edges as shown. If it is cut on a diagonal, recut it to be perpendicular. For A4 and mm width paper, cut along the parallel lines on the back.

For and mm width paper, use a triangle. Always use a triangle or other tool to ensure that the end of the roll is cut perpendicularly.

A diagonal cut may cause paper feed problems.

Epson papers

Roll the paper in the direction opposite of the paper's curl so that the curl disappears, as shown below.

Use the protective film packaged with the optional Roll Paper Holder, or a thin booklet such as your Daily Use guide to roll the paper inside. Turn on the printer.

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Remove the paper support. Mount the Roll Paper Holder by lowering it into the slot on the back of the sheet feeder where the paper support was mounted, as shown below. Slide the roll of Photo Paper onto the spindle, and make sure the left and right of the Roll Paper Holder.

Make sure that the spindle is oriented correctly as shown in the illustration below. Gently insert the end of the paper into the printer, flush with the right edge guide, as far as it will go. Slide the left edge guide against the left edge of the paper.

The paper feeds into the printer. Open the printer cover and make sure that the paper is feeding correctly. The roll paper is now loaded. Next, set up the printer driver and try printing.

However, if you are not using the holder, you must cut the paper into sheets of the correct size before loading it into the sheet feeder. Preparing the roll paper sheets Cut the roll paper into sheets as described below. Cut the paper at least 34 mm longer than the length of the printed data we recommend that you add 50 mm or more to the length of the print data.

If the paper length is less than the length of the paper plus 34 mm, nothing will be printed on the last 14 mm of the paper. For A4 and mm width roll paper, lines are printed on the back at 5-cm intervals, with bold lines printed at cm intervals. Always cut perpendicular to the edges, using these lines as reference.Matte Paper Heavyweight delivers long-lasting photographs with a matte finish.

With its heavyweight, bright white, ultra-smooth finish, this paper is perfect for . Epson roll paper attachment and other Spindle Roll-Feeder machines An additional roll paper attachment is available as an accessory for the Epson Stylus .

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