E business assignement1

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E business assignement1

The economy in 21st century is e-economy. The factors reflecting growth in economic productivity have been the internet and the information that transmits over that channel through various communication technologies.

Therefore, these technologies along with other fields are being promoted now days such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and sharing of information across different platforms.

Internet based technologies are now days providing new aspects of business promotion and opening new market opportunities for promotion of the business.

This advanced technology is also being brought in use, in increasing production and decreasing the costing factor of the products.

Thus, the environment where internet is ready to get adopted in day to day business activities and where the consumers are ready to look and shop for the products over the internet.

In this environment e-business can prosper very easily and give very pleasing results. E-commerce is better known as e-business involves transactions between individuals and different organisations and these transactions are digitally enabled.

E business assignement1

The use of web makes these transactions and trade global. Chaffey, The business transactions that are carried out are of many types. That includes the pre-fixed commissions.

Enabling buyers to connect with sellers. Provides all information. For example: Includes the values. Value chain: This includes gateways illustrating the price of products.

The most significant benefit of taking a business help online is to ensure the global presence of the business and the manufacturing firm.

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A firm or company that engages in e-business can have a nationwide or even a global presence. IBM and Dell Technologies are such firms who took their business to new levels through collaborating service and maintenance managers across the globe and thus were able to acquire much market share.

E business assignement1

Amazon and Flipkart. The use of World Wide Web to market the products guarantees the global reach of the product. Cost effective marketing and the promotions of the products online ensures the revenues. The advertising and promotion charges are also very reasonable.CSCI Assignement1: Data Modeling Using the Entity-Relationship Model Design an Entity-Relationship for each system described below.

Show all entities, relationships and attributes. Clearly mark identifiers and the cardinalities. State any additional assumptions you make. You should give.

View Group 3_Assignement1_BI from DMS IIT DELHI MSL at Department Of Management Studies, Iit Delhi. Uncovering the message from the mess of big data MSL Business Intelligence Presentation by%(2). E-Business involve several key activities including improving business processes, enhancing communication and providing the means to carry out business transaction securely e-business part of Internet economy witch en encompasses all of the activities involved in using the Internet for commerce.

Bpr assignement1 1. Write up onBusiness Process ReengineeringA Consolidated MethodologyAssignment # 1 Submitted to: Mr.

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AbdullahFebruary 15th Business Process Reengineering: A consolidated MethodologyIntroduction:This article provides the methodological and consolidated approach to restructured entire business and focus on business process reengineering .

The planning process for e-business include Correct Answer Deciding about the products and services you want to sell Your Answer Deciding about the products and services you want to sell Multiple Choice Single Answer Question The act of sending a message pretending to be authorized user is called as Correct Answer Spoofing Your Answer Spoofing.

E-Business assignment. 0. Explain how the positioning of architectures along the aggregation and abstraction dimensions determines granularity and concreteness, respectively.

Use examples to illustrate.

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