Are electronic medical records a cure

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Are electronic medical records a cure

Treatment and Procedures Moving to Canada for your new job? Or, you just want to bring your family members to Canada. Whatever might be the reason for your immigration, you would need to go through a strict immigration process.

Medical Examination Even though the government of Canada warmly accepts immigrants; still, it is very strict about immigration screening process.

§16514 Other requirements relating to uses and disclosures of protected health information.

Only proper medical screenings can find out if the applicants have any health conditions. Any undetected health condition, would create a huge toll on the health services of the government. CIC medical examination is mandatory. It should be completed within 30 days of getting notice from the immigration office.

However, one cannot select their personal doctor to carry out the tests. It needs to be conducted by the assigned CIC panel physician. Only then the test results would be accepted by the immigration office. Get To Know the Exam in Details Before opting for the CIC Medical Exam, one needs to know that the examination process includes checking of the medical history, physical examination, chest X-ray and laboratory tests.

Usually, children under 15 years are not required to go through chest x-ray or blood tests. However, they must go through physical examination and immunization.

Physical Examination The panel physician, who carries out the physical examination, examines the eyes, ears, nose, heart, lungs, throat, abdomen, lymph nodes, skin, and external genitalia.

In order to help the panel physician conducting CIC Medical Exam to come up with an accurate report, the applicant or immigrant should try to discuss their existing medical conditions with their doctor.

All-Inclusive Examination Basically, the medical examination for immigrant visa helps to screen any medical conditions which are specified by the government of the concerned country.

However, it should not be considered to be a complete physical examination. Nor it should be considered as an alternative to full physical examination or consultation or diagnosis by primary health care providers.

So before going for a CIC Medical Exam one must be ready with all kind of medical reports of their health conditions.

For instance, immigrants with history of violent behavior should mention it to the panel physician. The physician will decide whether the behavior should be considered as a psychiatric or medical problem.

Also, written certification for any treatment should be provided. If a person is getting treated for chronic medical condition, you must bring a certificate where the problem has been outlined.

Also, it should have a mention of the treatment and prognosis. A person suffering from syphilis, a written certificate signed by the doctor must be provided.

Same goes for a person suffering from tuberculosis.Nov 29,  · MedRec, one prototype using blockchains, is intended to improve electronical medical records and allow patients’ records to be accessed securely by any provider who needs it .

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Are electronic medical records a cure

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