An argument in favor of the teachings of the buddha over the christian bible

Pro's argument is still argumentum ad novitatem, a fallacy. No, we can not all agree on that idea.

An argument in favor of the teachings of the buddha over the christian bible

Linkedin This article first appeared in Forward volume 5, number 1 The full text of the article can be obtained by clicking here. For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to: Rajneesh now hasfollowers, whose average age has been estimated to be as high as Tal Brooke, a former devotee of the popular Indian guru Sai Baba, after visiting Poona effectively summed up the scene there: He is the sovereign pleasure seeker, self-transcender, who owes nobody anything.

The family is anathema, children extra trash. And so long as the Neo-sannyasin has the money the fun ride continues. The ashram was now heavily guarded, and no one was allowed to enter without first being searched for weapons.

Then during the same month the U. On June 1 he secretly flew to New York with 17 of his closest disciples. Since Rajneesh left Poona his followers have spread throughout the west.

The land, near Antelope, Oregon, covers more than square miles. Three hundred sannyasins from western countries soon flocked to the Big Muddy, and in September they jubilantly welcomed their master to his new home. Since the only ones allowed to vote in such an election are those who live on the site in this case the Rajneesh cultthe outcome was certain to be in favor of incorporation.

A court challenge of the outcome is likely. Ashram life in Oregon is different than it was in Poona. Rajneesh does speak to Sheela Silverman and his personal nurse, however, and in this manner a chain of command has been constructed which affords the sannyasins little or no direct contact with their master.

He may be seen, however, taking joyrides around the property with his nurse. It seems likely that the tension and hostility between those inside and those outside the ashram will continue to grow in the Antelope area, just as it did in Poona.

What are these aspirations? Consider the following samplings from his discourses. You can be a Christ: Why be a Christian? Even while you are in the darkest hole of your life, you are still divine: I tell you, there is no need for salvation, it is within you.

Each day you come nearer and nearer to him — and each day you become more and more dependent on him. Rajneesh tells them that the cause of all of their problems is their egos, and the solution to these conflicts is to surrender their egos to him.

On a sign at the entrance to the meditation center in Poona read the words:"Glitter Christians" by Sandy Simpson. This DVD is a message based on this article.. Glitter Christians. This is a name I came up with for people attending and teaching at Oral Roberts University in the 70s. Originally, Jewish scholarship was oral.

Rabbis expounded and debated the Torah (the written Torah expressed in the Hebrew Bible) and discussed the Tanakh without the benefit of written works (other than the Biblical books themselves), though some may have made private notes (megillot setarim), for example of court .

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I think the best argument for a proposition is a good cumulative case of various arguments. I think we have that for Christianity, as well as God, but would cite the Kalam Cosmological Argument (KCA) as currently the greatest argument for God.

The true dark History of Islam and Mohammed. What PBS and Time Magazine will never show. From Muslim Historians back till the 8th century AD. Q: What do the “Christian beliefs” in the list below have in common? A: None of them are taught by the Bible. “Christian beliefs” that the Bible doesn’t teach: There is a Trinity of Persons in God We are saved by faith alone Jesus died to pay the penalty for our sins The Bible .

This article looks at proof that Jesus was not a copy of pagan gods. Historical evidence for the Gospel account of Jesus Christ.

An argument in favor of the teachings of the buddha over the christian bible
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