Admob case study

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Admob case study

With people spending almost one-third of an entire day on smartphones and mobile devices on the way to replace computers, mobile advertising has the ability to reach an unprecedented number of people in a much more cost-effective and time-efficient way.

Publishers are opting for mobile-specific advertising networks to enhance the user experience, a chief factor driving the success of an ad campaign. A number of ad networks have come up keeping up with the booming market; AdMob is probably the most well-known among those. Appodeal is a programmatic ad mediation platform that gives publishers full control of their inventory in a real-time bidding marketplace.

In this article, we are going to do a comparative study of the two premium mobile ad networks Appodeal vs Admob and shall try to understand their pros and cons. It needs to be ensured that the app is approved on Playstore and has a compatible language to get started with Admob.

To become a publisher in this network, you need to have a prior approved AdSense account. Only developers and publishers who have an approved AdSense account are eligible to run Admob ads on their mobile. Appodeal is a mobile mediation network that is connected to more than 60 demand sources and help developers make the most of every impression with their intelligent ad mediation algorithms.

On the other hand, Appodeal takes a percentage of the additional revenue it is able to generate for the app developers. Since it is difficult to calculate the additional revenue generated, the revenue share is generated dynamically.

The image shared below should make more sense to you. Ad Quality AdMob is a Google product, has global reach and displays high-quality advertisements. It supports cross-platform monetization Android, iOS, and Windows.

Publishers have the ability to customize text ad units with specific colors and fonts in order to maximize visibility and click rates. Admob maintain a strict ad review procedure to ensure the ads which are being displayed to its users are safe and are of good quality.

Their technology only mediates other ad networks to ensure higher revenue rates, engagements and fills. So, the question about ad quality depends on their partner networks. It is nearly used by all major app developers globally.

Ad Formats Admob has some of the popular ad formats like Rewarded video ads, native banner ads which can be used by App developers for superior monetization.

Developers have the option to customize these ad units based on the design of their app. Apart from these, there are over ad formats like banners etc. Ad Mediation Appodeal seems to have a more robust ad mediation since their very offering is based on helping app developers increase their overall ad revenue.

Their algorithms automatically choose the right ad formats and the ads based on dynamic bidding and show ads to users which are most likely to convert. Also, the network handles the refresh rate to ensure the developers get better pricing for their in-app inventory.

Admob also provides Ad mediation service for app developers. The revenue is highly dependent on the location of the traffic. They have very good fill rates and competitive eCPMs. Ad mediation is a technology that sends ad requests to multiple ad networks to ensure publishers find the best available network to fill their ad slots.

First, publishers rank ad networks in order of preference.

AdMob (A) Case Solution And Analysis, HBR Case Study Solution & Analysis of Harvard Case Studies

Second, the mediation platform tries the top ad network. So, the CPM rates in Appodeal depends on the ad network that the publisher gets through ad mediation on Appodeal.

Payment and Earnings Report AdMob follows the monthly payment cycle. The total Admob revenue gets added on to your AdSense account and the payout is processed accordingly. However, there is no minimum threshold for Admob.

Admob case study

The step is taken to ensure publishers get paid faster and on time. Attached here, you can see the earnings for one of the app developer who is using Appodeal platform.

Final Verdict As mentioned earlier, AdMob is a Google product and that entails the assurance of impeccable services.AdMob interstitials are full-page ads that appear in your app at natural breaks or transition points.

CASE STUDY: How Dongfeng-Nissan utilises precision mobile marketing for the Qashqai

A common use case is after a level is completed in a game. > Read case study. • Admob • DeltaDNA • Fyber • Ironsource • IQZone • Mopub Read the Case Study.

Playrix “HyprMX connects us with the brands At HyprMX he partners with leading app developers on the West Coast, Australia and Asia to deliver brand video monetization.

Admob case study

Robert joined HyprMX from Chartboost and previously he spent time at NativeX. AdMob (A) Case Solution,AdMob (A) Case Analysis, AdMob (A) Case Study Solution, The CEO of AdMob raising the variety of publishers to reinforce the business's advantage in the mobile advertising business and is deciding between interna.

Maximize app advertising revenue With the largest source of global advertiser demand, flexible ad controls, and an industry-leading mediation service, AdMob is the best platform to make money from.

A complete guide to select the best mobile ad networks in the market for your app. CASE STUDY: How Dongfeng-Nissan utilises precision mobile marketing for the Qashqai Dongfeng-Nissan mobile ad campaign through Google AdMob in China has achieved a decent click-through rate five times that of traditional internet media.

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